jueves, 8 de marzo de 2007

Your last compositions were fantastic so I'd like you to write them here for your mates to read them. All of you are improving your writing skills by leaps and bounds and you must be proud of it.

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alberto_mateo dijo...


Amilia Taylor is a baby who was born in October and weighed only 284 grams! She didn´t measure more than a pen.
She was only 22 weeks in her mother´s belly.
The Iowa University affirms this is a world-wide record.
Although her name is Amilia Taylor, for her parents and the doctors of Miami Hospital, where she was born, she is just a miracle.
The doctors didn´t have hopes of survival, but Amilia surpassed the survival stage.
She defied the destiny and the little baby showed desires to live, reason which her parents decided to call her Amilia, that in Latin means resistant, fighter and worker.
Amilia went home last Tuesday, after tour months on intensive therapy in the Baptist Hospital, where she was supervised 24 hours every day.
The doctors affirm Amilia will require medication for the asthma and extra oxygen for the next months, considering that she still weighs less than two kilograms.
Her mother says the worst thing was she couldn´t have her baby in her arms for more than six weeks after her birth.

Miami, February the 20th 2007.

Daniel Fdez dijo...

Panic In The Tunnel

I will never forget the facts I witnessed the 24th of May in 2009.

That day I was drivign back home from my work when I noticed there was a traffic jam. To make this worse, this took place in the middle of a tunnel. At first, all went fine but suddenly the ground shook. Peple started to panic and they began to sound thir horns. Immediately after this, there was another earthquake, and three more followed it.

A section of the tunnel was destroyed due to teh earthquakes. There were several cars damaged, and all I saw was people running from one side to anotherm looking anxious.

Besides, there was smoke all over the tunnel, so we could hardly breath. It was an awful scene: cars damaged with people inside, cars burning, people crying and shouting...

I think I fainted because the next thing I remember is that I was in a hospital.

Irene dijo...


At the beginning of February, there was an earthquake in Portugal. The epicentre was in the Cape of Saint Vicente and it was 6,1 in the Richter’s scale. It was felt in western Andalucía and in the south of Portugal, even though it was felt in tall buildings of Madrid.

During the earthquake, I was in Riotinto and I didn’t feel anything. However, my aunt, who was in Huelva, told me that there, the windows vibrated and some things moved, and she was frightened and nervous.

Despite the earthquake, there wasn’t any material or human damage.